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Does spoils system spoil governance: evidence from nepal

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04/03/2015 - 15:29

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Shiva Hari Adhikari


This paper was presented on the 13th South Asian Management Forum held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This paper empirically evaluates whether the spoils system of recruitment affects governance system in Nepal. Similarly, it also aims to investigate the effect of spoils system in corruption. By conducting a survey of N=273, the paper examines and shows casual links between spoils system, poor governance, and corruption. After controlling for experience of bribery, future intention of bribery, political affiliation, family member a government employee, and family member a politician, the multivariate regressions have been run. Spoils system is found significant (p <0.001) to predict poor governance with positive β value. Likewise, spoils system has positive significant relation with corruption. Findings suggest that the spoils system not only worsens the governance but also increases the corruption. Therefore, there is a need to vitalize formal governance system to make the state institutions more accountable, responsive and ethical by insisting merit based recruitment and promotion