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Professional Course 06.04.72 to 16.05.72

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The public service organizations of Nepal have long been committed and dedicated to public service delivery. Government has been taking various initiatives at different level for making public service delivery more effective and efficient. But the demands for quality services from public organizations are yet growing. To make public service delivery effective and inclusive, it is necessary to enhance core and functional competencies of service providers. This is possible, if public service providers develop new skills and competencies to fulfill the demands of the people in the changing socio-economic and political dynamics.

Class III Officers of the Government of Nepal have key role to play in executing and managing regular and development functions effectively. The role and responsibilities of those officers are instrumental that they have to support seniors, supervise subordinates and deliver public services in efficient manner. In this context, training is one of the best means that helps employees to broaden knowledge and skills and enhance professional excellence as well as positive mindset that requires on the job.

Taking this into account, NASC has developed a ‘Professional Course on Management and Development’ as a core course for Class III officers of the Government of Nepal. The course is designed on the basis of the need assessment and feedback received from the participants of previous training courses, potential participants and NASC professionals.