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PACT Professional Training

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The demand for quality service from public organizations is ever growing. To address such demand, public organizations require highly capable and competent human resource. Organizations need to create new opportunities for the employees in order to develop knowledge and skills to meet the present challenges. Besides competency, employees must have positive mind-set to demonstrate high level of performance and to achieve organizational goal. Training is one of the best means by which employees can consistently improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and enhance the personal qualities required for their professionalism.
Class III Officers of the Government of Nepal have vital role to play in executing and managing the routine and development activities successfully in their respective organizations. The role and responsibility of these officers are instrumental in serving people, support their seniors and supervise subordinate’s performance capability.
In this respect, Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) in request of Project for Agriculture Commercialization and Trade (PACT) of Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD) has developed a course for Class III officers working in the ministry, departments, directorates, farms/centres and districts. The course is designed on the basis of the need assessment and feedback received from the participants of previous training courses conducted by NASC.