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Late Career Management 20.03.2073 to 27.03.2073

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Organizations face specific challenges from aging of the workforce.Peopleatlate career stage may start thinking about competitiveness, productivity, skill upgradation and overall contribution to the job as challenging phenomenon. Sometimes, feeling of worthlessness on the current job also creates self-defeating situation. Similarly, they have also concern about security and productive life after retirement. On the other hand, motivation, engagement, maintaining productivity and capturing knowledge and skills of employees in institutional memory are key concerns as organizational response to the people at late career.Late-career management thus, is a concern for both individual as well as organization.Organizations need to adopt some specific policy measures and practices for managing people working at late career stage as part of its human resource management.

In this context, Center for Human Resource Management, NASC has designed this five-day Training-cum-Workshop on Late Career Management for the officers of the Government of Nepal in the verge of retirement.