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CHRM Training of Trainers

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Managers have to perform various roles in an organization. Developing people is an important role domain for them. Since training and skill development programmes are considered important tools for staff development, managers involve themselves in training activities for enhancing performance of their team members. They need to create effective learning environment in an organization so that people share their understanding and ideas with others for better solutions to organizational problems.

Capacity development of employees in government agencies involve primarily on-the-job training programmes as well as tailor made courses as per need. Supervisor or manager’s role becomes more crucial as a trainer in such a situation to train people for developing knowledge, skills and form attitude for better performance. For the purpose, they also need to design training programs based on identified training needs of their employees and coordinate programs for effective implementation. Furthermore, they facilitate training sessions using appropriate training methods and tools and presentation skills. In such a scenario, managers are adopting a systematic process of training cycle to ensure effective design and delivery of training programmes.

In this connection, based on the needs of government officials for playing role as a trainer and facilitators, NASC has designed a 15-days course on Training of Trainers (ToT). ToT is an important platform for aspiring trainers and facilitators working in different agencies of government organizations to conceptualize the systematic approaches to training, adult learning principles, and to design and deliver training programmes as a systematic skill development intervention in their organizations. It provides basic foundation for practicing managers to enhance knowledge and skills with practical approaches in learning needs assessment, training course design, and facilitate training sessions using appropriate methods and techniques. Similarly, they will also learn to effectively managing the learning cycle and evaluate learning outcomes in different levels.