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Most often, in Nepal, policy makers are often presented with different forms of evidence from diverse sources, however, they are required to make decisions quickly without the benefit of extensive review or analysis. Similarly, issue of capability to assess the quality and applicability of common evidence types remains a critical one. In this context, with a view to equip policy professionals and decision-makers with practical skills for effectively analyze and apply data and evidence across a broad range of policy decisions, Centre for Development Policy Management (CDPM), Nepal Administrative Staff College, organized a two day training programme— “Using Evidence for Smart Policy Design”— on 04 - 05 Shrawan 2073 (19 - 20 July 2016) in collaboration with Evidence for Policy Design, Harvard Kennedy School (EPoD-HKS), USA.

The training was attended by senior officials (Joint Secretary) of the Government of Nepal and NASC Faculties and was facilitated by EPoD-HKS facilitators including Professors Dr. Rohini Pande and Dr. Michael Callen. The training was delivered using a blended learning approach of Harvard University, comprising the combination of digital learning of the online modules, in-class sessions, case analysis and panel discussions. The practical approaches exposed the participants with the skills of how to analyzing data and evidence and fit those into policy decision making frameworks.

The documents can be accessed through following link.