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Being More Aware and Responsible

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Nepal Administrative Staff College organized a NASC Discussion Series-32 on 24 Bhadra 2073 (September 9, 2016) where Mr. Sagar Prasai shared his knowledge and experiences on” Being More Aware and Responsible”. Mr. Prasai is a social activist working specially to promote the rights of persons with disabilities in Nepal. He is currently working with National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal as a country coordinator of AWARE (Asian Workplace Approaches that Respects Equality) Project in collaboration with Canadian Govt. and York University and is promoting employment for persons with disabilities in Nepal.
The series fostered an active discussion around pertinent questions like definition and types of disability, different models to understand disability, accessibility and inclusion, barriers and accommodation, person first language, sympathy vs. empathy, disability etiquette and more. Linkage of Poverty, development and disability were also discussed. Further, Mr. Prasai shared his view on including topics of disability in the training curriculum for Government officials for creating awareness and understanding in disability-inclusive development.