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Understanding Development: Development of Understanding?

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10/18/2014 - 23:13

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Trilochan Pokharel



Development studies has weathered many storms, ever since its appearance in the late 50’s or in
Belgium since in 1961 the Louvain Institute was created. The question is whether the present context and concepts are adequate for the task. Conceptually the effects of the globalisation debates have changed notions of North vs. South, with the emergence of pockets of rapidly increasing wealth in the traditional South and poverty in the North. Globalisation, the debates around it and the concepts to analyse the respective phenomena lead to a questioning of the relevance of development studies. On the basis of current work in the field of 'science and technology for development' it is argued that novel relations are emerging and novel policies required. The linkage with policies is likely to be affected by the fragmentation and possible demise of neo-conservative thinking which has dominated US policymaking and thereby influenced international agencies, as evidenced in recent work by Francis Fukuyama.